Contemporary Living Room Are Comfortable


Contemporary living room decoration is a style that emphasizes order, cleanliness and lighting; they are spaces that seek to be free and with few elements. The living room of our house, must achieve reflect our personality with pieces of good taste and that are comfortable, to be able to enjoy the company of family and friends in this room that is so cozy.

Neutral tones offer a feeling of serenity and welcome, so if you choose to wear a monochromatic range, beige or sand combined with wood, material that we can see frequently in a contemporary living room, will ensure the success of your design. When looking for cleanliness and order, the furniture in white color fulfills the task of giving a neat and fresh image, in addition to illuminating the space.

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On the one hand we find a large and crystalline window through which it passes unimpeded; in the opposite wall we find a wall of pergolas that works as a blind, to balance the luminous contrast. The wood finishes are warm and cozy; the corridor with the trees covered by glass make a light and serene atmosphere.  Details such as linear lighting on the ceiling help to emphasize the contemporary living room concept.


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